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Dr. Denis Kiefel

COO & Co-Founder

36 year old engineer, team leader, electronics & software lover, handyman, troubleshooter and logics friend with 10+ years experience in aerospace industry.

Alex Plebuch

CEO & Co-Founder

37 year old system engineer, strategy lover, networking machine, communicator and feel-good manager with 10+ years experience in aerospace including cryo fluid control equipment development from scratch to test and qualification.

Matthias Günther

CTO & Co-Founder

41 year old engineer, fluid control expert, valve blackbelt, design and multi-physics genius, with 15+ years experience in aerospace and 10+ in cryo fluid control equipment. The test benches are scared of him (field-proven).

Thilo Witzel

Mechatronics Engineer

Julian Demicoli

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Yasmin Arbi

Design & MAIT Engineer

Alejandro Ridao

Mechanical Design Engineer

Philippe Petit

Mech. Syst. Design Engineer

Lorenz Pak

Product Manager

Élise Verdière

Product Manager

Simon Gruber

Mechanical Design Engineer

Thomas Midek

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Luca Xiol Merce

Test Engineer

Niklas Gierse

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Niklas Peter

Mechanical Design Engineer

Gaia Lombardo

Mechanical Design Engineer

Felix Gassenmeyer

MAIT Engineer

External Consultants

Anthony Caron

Partners & Supporters