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Dr. Denis Kiefel

COO & Co-Founder

36 year old engineer, team leader, electronics & software lover, handyman, troubleshooter and logics friend with 10+ years experience in aerospace industry.

Alex Plebuch

CEO & Co-Founder

37 year old system engineer, strategy lover, networking machine, communicator and feel-good manager with 10+ years experience in aerospace including cryo fluid control equipment development from scratch to test and qualification.

Matthias Günther

CTO & Co-Founder

41 year old engineer, fluid control expert, valve blackbelt, design and multi-physics genius, with 15+ years experience in aerospace and 10+ in cryo fluid control equipment. The test benches are scared of him (field-proven).

Thilo Witzel

Mechatronics Engineer

Julian Demicoli

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Yasmin Arbi

Design & MAIT Engineer

Dominic Scholz

Supply Chain Manager

Alejandro Ridao

Mechanical Design Engineer

Philippe Petit

Mech. Syst. Design Engineer

Lorenz Pak

Product Manager

Élise Verdière

Product Manager

Simon Gruber

Mechanical Design Engineer

Thomas Midek

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Luca Xiol Merce

Test Engineer

Niklas Gierse

Electronics & SW Design Engineer

Niklas Peter

Mechanical Design Engineer

External Consultants

Anthony Caron

Partners & Supporters