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Solenoid Valve Family

Your product family for a majority of fluid control applications. Mono & bi-stable.

Regulation Valve Family

Electromotor driven valves. Your backbone for advanced fluidic systems with high precision regulation and <1s full stroke capability. Smart control unit included.

Pressure Regulator Family

Closed-loop pressure regulator. Including controller electronics & SW (plug-and-play). Normally closed EV design; cycled for pressure control

BLDC Motor Family

Cryogenic, space-rated in-runner brushless DC electro motor for both valves and pumps. Scalable to high torque/high rpm applications. Including controller electronics & SW.

ePump Family

Cryogenic and space-rated ePump.

Fill and Drain / Vent Valve Family

Fill and Drain / Vent valves serve for the loading and venting functions of all kinds of propellants, pressurants and propellant vapours.


Electronics & Software for status monitoring including alarm management and algorithm based predictive maintenance for life extension.

  • on-board control unit
  • malfunction detection
  • long-term health monitoring
  • lifetime prediction
  • position indication
  • real time volumetric flow estimation
  • continuous leakage measurement
  • power saving mode

“Removing the faults in a stage-coach may produce a perfect stage-coach,
but it is unlikely to produce the first motor car”

Edward de Bono